Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We have a date...

We got "the call" today from Childrens Mercy Hospital. Mason is set to have his Open Heart Surgery on September 22nd. We will have to be there & checked in on Wed Sept 21st to do pre op.

I thought I was prepared & would be relieved that we got a date... but I feel worse knowing that my tiny miracle will be undergoing Open Heart Surgery in 3 wks.
I cried when I hung up the phone...the emotions hit me like a ton of bricks.

Right now we need some prayers for Mason:
That he stays well and healthy till surgery.
That he continues to gain weight
That he doesnt need to be hospitalized before surgery for meds (since he is maxed out)


  1. Sending Mason and your family our prayers.

  2. Sending lots of prayers. You will remain to be in our thoughts :]

  3. Praying for you and mason!! Especially on the 22nd

  4. Always keeping you guys in my prayers. I thought the same thing - that a date would bring relief. But it ended up bringing a whole new set of anxiety. The wait was the hardest, and not that it's easy to see your little one post-op, but it's easier just knowing that you're on the other side!

  5. You're right. Having a date was hard. Suddenly it was real. You'll be getting lots of prayers from us too!

  6. Tons of prayers coming your way. From my experience, when my daughter had kidney surgery, all of the anticipation was so much worse than the surgery and recovery itself. You will be sad and terrified that day, but the minute the surgeon tells you he's out of surgery, and you get to go back and see your boy, you will feel SUCH relief. The recovery you will feel like superwomen, because you will know you are at done with the terror and that you just have to get your baby recovered and get back to "normal life". Lots of hugs coming your way.

  7. Prayers are with you and your family. I happened upon this site by accident but believe it was meant to be... after reading your story I can definately relate to your family. I brother went through the exact same thing as a baby. He is now a 6'4 280 pound 22 year old! I remember the surgeries and tears... but to look at him all these years later you would never believe that tiny sick boy grew up to the man he is. My thoughts and prayers are with your baby boy and family!!


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