Monday, August 15, 2011

New Toys!

Mason's newest toy arrived today! He got a Tumzee ! We have used it twice today and already LOVE IT!!!! He is actually trying to play with his toys for the first time (it helps that he can now reach the toys!). I love the T bar in the back so he doesn't slide down. We really hope that this helps his neck strength. He already is staying longer on his tummy than before (he would roll to his back before & now he cant roll away!)


  1. GO Mason! We may have to invest in that for Morgan. She is starting PT next week but I feel like Mason is doing way better than she is! She was born on 2/22 & can't really hold her head up at all during tummy time, or roll belly to front.

    I'm glad you love it! He's starting to look so different, I think it's ALL THE HAIR!!

  2. LOVE it! He is so beautiful and precious!! Keep up the hard work, Mason! Hugs from Ohio and Joey!


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