Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We work a little harder

Everyday I am Amazed.

Amazed by my sweet little miracle.

Some things dont come so easy for Mason. Most parents dont have to think twice about their child holding their head up...but we do. We work with Mason everyday to strengthen his neck & core muscles. We do certain moves & exercises to engage his muscles. We make it a game & its fun for him (most of the time). Yes its not as easy for us...but were enjoying every min of it. We rejoice in every triumph! No matter how small. And for us it has opened our eyes. Most parents take these milestones for granted...just assuming there child will do them. But we celebrate each & everyone!

In the end...I think we are better people & better parents for it. It truly makes you realize that life is a precious gift...not something to take for granted.

Mason in starting his early intervention. We met with his coordinator and will start his occupational therapy this week. We are excited to get him off to a great start!!!

Mason is really progressing with his head control! In the last 3 day he has really started to master the bumbo seat! He is engaging his core muscles like he should and can now sit up straight in it & pull himself back up if he starts to slump a bit (VERY IMPRESSIVE)!! GO MASON!!!


  1. I wanted to say that I have followed your's and Mason's story since your pregnancy and discovery of his DS diagnosis. I read every post (on the bump)and prayed for your family and for Mason often. Seeing him make it into the world literally thrilled me. I was so glad your little boy made it. And I love seeing new photos of him- he is absolutely ADORABLE and I commend you for the strong, loving, positive mother you have been. While his health issues are still something to be dealt with, know that Mason's story has touched so many people you don't even know. I will continue to hope the best for him. I know this boy has a BRIGHT future!


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